Before you’ll need to run the air conditioning full time during the summer, schedule a tune-up for the HVAC system.  Spring is the perfect time to prepare the system for warm weather.  Keeping the HVAC system properly maintained can save homeowners time and money in the long run by extending the life of the system.  A qualified technician should inspect and clean the unit.  It’s generally easier to book an appointment with an HVAC company during the spring, before the weather gets too hot.  Here are some seasonal maintenance items that should be performed.

Change filters- Filters that have been used all winter are dirty and should be discarded.  Clogged filters reduce air flow and cause the system to run longer than necessary.  Clean filters improve air quality in the home by removing dust and allergens from the air.  Organic material that accumulates in the unit can cause mold to grow.  HEPA filters may be appropriate if family members have allergies or respiratory problems.

Check air unit– The air conditioning unit hasn’t been used all winter, so a technician will ensure the unit is cooling properly.  The condensation lines and drains should be inspected and cleaned.  Moving parts should be lubricated.  The thermostat should be examined to ensure it is properly calibrated.

Inspect outdoor unit– The outdoor unit should be inspected and cleaned.  Debris should be removed from the coils.  The outdoor fan should run smoothly.  The refrigerant lines should be inspected, and the coolant level evaluated.

Adjust humidifier– If the home has a furnace mounted humidifier, it should be turned all the way down or off.  Spring is a good time to clean and make repairs to the humidifier so that it will be in proper working order next winter.

Properly maintaining your HVAC system in the spring can help homeowners avoid costly repairs.

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